Wings at the JW Marriott Resort in Las Vegas - March 2021

The Price

The wings were $13.99 at the ClubHouse Deli You choose the level of heat you want when you order (I got hot). Room service was not available, had to pick them up. The deli has a full menu of all kinds of things, and is one of many restaurants at the resort.

The Wings

Wet, crunchy (batter-covered with spice in the batter too), great flavor of spice, sweet and that smell that hits your nose and makes your mouth water was dead on. The messy packaging actually worked well, and I was able to cover the wings with bleu cheese.
Such a mess, but no complaints on the taste!


More than worth the walk down the resort to pick them up. I was tempted to order more, as I am not a bare skinned wing purest, I enjoy both battered and bare fried.

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