Wings at Level III in the JW Marriott, San Francisco - October 2021

The Price

The wings at this 5 star hotel bar are $20. Many other bar and higher end items on the menu, plus a long cocktail list. Many items to get into with your wings.
Appetizers are just the start here This is quite a list of house cocktails.  Most were not to my liking though

The Wings

So when the wings were delivered and I first smelled them I was like "Oh crap, I made a mistake here.". But No, it was amazing that they actually taste really good. Not a hot burn, but a good spicy flavor that continued the entire time enjoying them.
Sticky, spicy, but very tasty.  A good risk that paid off


Good wings, the smell is offputting but the taste in the end was good. Worth a repeat, and to enjoy with a stiff vodka based cocktail. The bar wasn't that bad or great, but it was comfortable.

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