Wings at the Observation Bar, Queen Mary Los Angeles - February 2020

The Price

They were $17, and the bar was filling up with WW2 reenactors from the dance at the nearby Ft. MacArthur. It took a good amount of time for the wings to arrive. Well, two cocktails worth of time.

The Wings

Delivered fried in a spicy batter, with the buffalo sauce on the side; this was extra work I am not used to. However, it was a great pairing and wow, they were tasty, spicy and perfectly complimented by my cocktails.


While very good, and I feel totally worth it, they are not served combined with the sauce, you have to pay to park, the bar can be insanely busy and even finding a place to stand - let alone sit - has been a challenge for me in the past. The view out the front is a pretty stunning shot of Long Beach.

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