Wings at the 1900 on Fifth lounge in the Seattle Westin

The Price

$19 for the deep fried wings in the main lobby bar, 1900 on Fifth, at the the Seattle Westin which I wandered across after exploring Seattle on a very long layover from Alaska.
When you look up hotel lobby bar in the dictionary, it looks just like this Yes, this is totally a hotel bar menu

The Wings

Deep fried, salt and pepper (and I think some vinegar but it's not listed) then buffalo sauce absolutely slathered all over it. The bleu cheese and ranch were prepackaged because it was the height of Covid.

They were messy, hot, with a good tingling burn left on my lips after I finished, and a great sweet taste while eating them. The packaged sauce was mediocre, but didn't degrade the experience.


Great wings, not in the core downtown, but close enough to make the few block detour from other things to see. It's been a while since I got the burn and sweet in wings someplace, back to the old original experience. I liked these a lot. I even got the spice sweats after I was done. Truly the correct buffalo encounter.

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