American Airlines Soho First Class Lounge, JFK


4:30am to 12:30am

Airlines Services

American Airlines
British Airways
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on British Airways, American Airlines or Cathay Pacific.
Business Plus ticket on American Airlines.
Emerald status in OneWorld
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

As part of the British Airways move to terminal 8, the lounges were redone (some completely new ones created). The First Class/Emerald Status lounge, SOHO was one of these, and I got in 9 days after opening.

Ahh, the bar, you can order at the counter, or from the dining area Endless Coke Zero.  This is my go-to when having to work The buffet, so many options, more than was available in the Flagship lounge

Dining Area

Here not only can you hit up that buffet, but you can have table service ordered food. You have to scan the QR code at the table and order it up.
Lots of seating, I have to say this was a lot more comfortable without the business class people crowding it up Notice the burger has NO fried onions on it among other options But the delivered burger indeed was full of onions.  I sent it back to get one without, Rob despises onions
Mmmm, the ice cream sandwich.  Great way to finish out my stay in the lounge

Other Areas

There is a quiet area, and a back seating area that is much quieter. There are showers also, shared with the Chelsea Lounge, so they are basically the same in either.
Looks like a great room for a nap Removed from the main room, this was a much more relaxed location Where you can take a call, not that anyone used them vs. just talking on their headphones walking around the lounge


Very comfortable, and a lot less busy than things used to be at JFK. The separation of Sapphire from Emerald has made a huge difference here. It's quiet and full of food and drink. This is almost a mirror copy of how it works at the British Airways First Class lounge in London. I really like the upgrade.

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