American Airlines Flagship Lounge - Miami International Airport


5:30am to 10:30pm daily

Airlines Serviced

American Airlines
British Airways
OneWorld Airlines

Access Rules

First class or business class ticket on an OneWorld Airline
Emerald or sapphire status in OneWorld
One guest of the above

The Lounge

This is a lounge that I had been trying to get into for many years, and let me tell you it was hard. I was once able to walk through it when the bathrooms in the attached Admirals club were closed, piquing my interest in visting. I've booked international flights through Miami only to have them changed at the last minute because of weather or other problems, then it was closed during covid. I finally got there to actually use it and wow (4 years of trying), is it a nice lounge!

The self-service bar and the champagne & wine station are very similar to other Flagship lounges in the system.
Ahh yes, the pretty wall of dangerous delights And that luxury experience, champagne and wine, as much as you want
There is the obligatory buffet as seen in other Flagship lounges and posts, located at the farthest point from the entrance in this very large floorplan lounge. I didn't go over to sample it because this time, I was going to Flagship First Dining!
And the other areas of the lounge, seating, food buffet, relaxation. As you can see it's not even 30% full. There is a lot of space and with the balcony style overlooking the terminal below, it's a linear layout for most of the areas.
I wish I could say I didn't need to use this service in flagship lounges, but many times I have had to catch up on some work or take a call There is a really large area of regular seating in this lounge, understandable with the huge amount of European and South American business that comes through this airport Like other Flagship lounges, this one was empty.  So odd

Flagship First Dining

For flagship lounges that have a true first class flight out of them, there are these dining establishments, a lounge within a lounge, with a true international level of pampering.
In the center, at the back of the club, is this very assuming and pretty blatant entrance to 'the other half' Do you start here or finish here?  This is a life goal of a bar filled with high-end spirits Not a lot of seats in the Miami one compared to JFK, but it wasn't even close to full
4 star restaurant service and food.  Every single item I have had at these lounges has been exceptional and they just want to keep serving you!


Having been to the old British Airways international lounge and the Turkish Airways lounge here, the American Airlines Flagship Lounge Miami is by far the best I have seen here. I typically am not in terminal J where the rest of the international flights head out, so as of yet I cannot comment on any of those.

This is the lounge I want to be in while waiting for my connecting flight, every time I can.

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