Premier Lounge Ngurah Rai Airport Denpasar Bali


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Airlines Serviced

China Eastern
Well... kinda all of them

Access Rules

First or Business class ticket on Oneworld Airline.
Emerald or Sapphire status in Oneworld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

It's a pretty basic lounge. The "food" is pre-prepared sandwiches and some small sweet pastries like small cake pieces. The drinks selection was Coke products and a couple of Spirits, like Skyy, and Beafeater.

The seating was very uncomfortable. The room was pretty hot, and they seemed to try to pack as many airlines passengers into the lounge as possible. The crowds, the heat, the very low food offerings and quality, well, we left the lounge early. It was not a great Business/First lounge.

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