Angkor Wat - 2017

The history can be seen in my previous visit in 2016, here -> Angor Wat - 2016

The Arrival

A usual, my driver Lucky drove me to the temple. You could no longer get right in front, but he took me to the new bridge that had been built, as the causeway is closed for restoration.

The hawkers of photos, guides, books, flower wreaths, etc were well represented on the floating bridge.

This time I arrived in the early fall, just after rainy season. It was a humid end of September and temps were in the high 90s or more, every day.
The main entrance on the islandI hate these bastards.  Too intelligent for their own good and do not care at all

Level One - Outer Courtyard

I passed through the entrance gate into the outer courtyard, and was humbled by the size of the area and how far inset the main temple was. A long causeway, library buildings on the sides, and access points around the walk to the temple entrance lead to level two.
The inner areas were well saturated, one of the heaviest rainy seasons in memory I was told

Level Two, Mural Walls

This level of the temple complex is mainly an enclosure for the third and innermost level. It is composed of mural wall hallways surrounding the primary temple center. They depict heaven, hell, and the incredible battle (most likely very embellished) showing the conflict over the kingdom of Siam where the Hindu gods actually assisted the Khmer king in his victory.
Stories of Heaven, Hell, and Khmer Kings kicking ass

Level Three, The Pinnacle

The third level was the main destination of this visit, much more controlled and organized than in the past. It's still actively used as a temple.
Looking up to level 3 Crazy steep
Rain enough to grow plants on stone Great courtyard shots Vishnu dressed as Bhuddha, part of the conversion from a Hindu temple
Again, jungle seen in every direction for miles, through the haze of humidity
Now you see climbing up was the easy part

The grounds

The temple is only a small spot in the center. The grounds all around it are mostly reclaimed by the jungle. It's an interesting walk around.
Looking from the backside of the temple, still quite imposing The eastern limit of the island Yeah... insects
If this wasn't one of the safest places around, you might feel uncomfortable alone out here


Well, I've come back here now another time; it's just such an otherworldly experience. I feel quite at peace and excited at the same time when I visit. The ancient majesty speaks to me at a core level.

September was very busy and very humid, I don't think I'd recommend this month for first timers.

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