Monteverdi EU Lounge Milan


6:00 AM - 9:30pm

Airlines Serviced

Iberia Airlines
Royal Air Maroc
Various non One-World Airlines

Access Rules

First or business class ticket on above list.
Emerald or Sapphire Status on OneWorld while flying one of the above.
One Guest.
Priority Pass.

The Lounge

It's located in the center of the EU departures area, up an escalator. It's clean, quiet, not crowded, but it is kind of a minimalist style lounge. Used in conjunction with Priority Pass who runs the lounge, it's under their management.

A decent selection of food and not unacceptable self-serve bar is in this rather smaller lounge.


It's not a large lounge, yes, these pictures, this is all the seating, but it wasn't full at any point I was there, so I guess it's the right size for the demand.
Pastries, donuts, beignet?? Sandwiches, quiche, and some cake type things Yogurt and fruit. Too healthy for Rob My spot, and a decent selection, except for Absolut. I don't get it, it's kinda bad vodka For mixing with your drinks, or I guess straight up? Coke Zero is still king in Europe, but Red Bull? That's quite surprising to see as a just take some selection Morning beer anyone? Not my thing, even in the evening Dining seating waaaaay back there It did get busier than this, but not by much


It's a respite from the terminal which is quite oppressive in that area. Food, drink, quiet, it's all there for the couple hours you might be waiting if you came early (which Rob always does to get photos and maybe a drink).

I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. It's 100% self-service, and there is something they do in the EU where they say "Hey, this is what you need and nothing more".

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