Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Bangkok


3:30pm to 02:30am

Airlines Serviced

Qatar Airways
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Business class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
No guests.

The Lounge

I was sitting in the Miracle Lounge in the Bangkok airport and let's just say it was intensely underwhelming, so as soon as the Qatar lounge opened, I - holding a business class ticket on Malaysia Airlines - opted to go see what this one was all about.

On the lounge level (one below departures) in the middle of the airport, stands a very imposing door with no windows or visibility of the interior. The sign outside clearly states you need a business or first class ticket to get in.
As you enter the lounge, The says Welcome, or Ahlan bik if you want to actually pronounce it

Dining Area

The two dining areas are actually the primary focus of this lounge. General sitting for waiting is kind of limited (maybe 30 seats?), but dining has about 40-50 seats.

General Area

The general seating area

Shower Facilities

There are showers, and I will assume they are pretty nice. I was in a rush, and I had just showered since I left the hotel that day. It's a safe bet in a lounge of this level that it's going to be good.

Seating area by the buffet and near to the bar Alternate dining area, a little more secluded, I think more in Halal style away from alcohol and the open buffet. There is a completely separate menu for those needs Nice selection of food covering a wide range of dietary tastes Not a bad selection of alcohol. Ok, a really good selection This was cooked a perfect medium, and super delicious Mmmm, chocolate ice cream. I had to Also, food as you may want. I had initially chosen this until I was informed of a more formal dining experience More buffet and the hundred plus martini glasses for the 'martini bar' The wine I had with dinner - I've stocked this one before in my personal collection, it's really good Help yourself! Real, physical, magazines The regular seating, comfortable and quiet Very open seating


I had seen this lounge over the past few years but when I was flying in and out of BKK I hadn't tried before. This time I was super pleased. The focus really is on dining and man, what dining. The alcohol is insane too, which I find intensely odd for a lounge designed around people going to Qatar, a dry country.

Very comfortable temp and sound wise, you feel a complete world apart. The level of service (there were 7 people on duty that I just saw, for what really is a smaller lounge) is absolutely at the top of the heap. In my experience in this airport, which is considerable, this is the best lounge there.

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