Mojjo at Skyview Hotel, Bangkok


The Arrival

My friend Tawan (who actually works for an Asian airline, which I find pretty cool given my travel addiction) and I risked the active rainy season to check out a rooftop bar (she has lived all her life in Bangkok and never gone to one).

She met me at the Conrad Hilton in the embassy district, and we took the shuttle to the BTS station, then the BTS to Phrom Phong station which is intensely close to the hotel. Now a word to the wise, I, as a fat American, like to walk a lot to help burn off calories. Thai people DO NOT. They think only poor people have to walk to places and see taxis and other modes of transportation as the only way to go when being "fancy".

The Bar

Located 32 floors up in the SkyView hotel on the other side of the building from the whiskey bar, one can enjoy views facing north, east, and west out various balconies. It's a very Cuban themed location, lots of rum drinks and cigars available.
Ground level entry, the elevator to the lounge is in the back past the lobby This is the main seating area inside, not too tight not too open, all dark, great for an ugly guy like me
Delightfully dark, stocked with everything I have ever heard of and more that I haven't Spinning rifts all night long, very western rifts I just found this odd as I had flown here basically right after New Orleans

The View

The view is pretty good of the areas around Phrom Phong. Lots of competing height skyscrapers, but still was quite serene with my drink, out on the edge overlooking the city at night. I don't know what it is, but I feel pretty complete in that particular setting just looking upon it.
North, here you can see the open air bar Flamenco, which was bumpin.  I was a little jealous of the energy compared to here this night To the east, condos, construction and endless city


Very much a tourist-centric and primarily European frequented bar. The views are really nice, the neighborhood actually quiet, and you can see all of the Phrom Phong area, which is nicely devoid of gogo bars.

Although it's got a beat going, it's exceptionally a chill vibe with your drinks and dance. No trouble to be had. I liked it.

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