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Le Meridien Bangkok

Returning from my good friend's wedding in rural Cambodia, I had a couple of days layover in Bangkok. I usually go to the JW Marriott or the Conrad, but I have blogged both of those to death recently, and so I decided to look for another high end property with a reasonable rate. It's weird - since I started posting all these places, my mentality has changed from just relaxing to "How can I get all the shots to make this place a full review?". I don't think I am relaxing as much as I used to. Oh well, your benefit.

Anyways, looking at the days I was there the Le Meridien was available in an area of the city I wasn't familiar with. It's been my experience that Le Meridiens are very nice properties, so I booked it without hesitation.


I was going to take the train to the subway and walk the 2 blocks to the hotel, but you know what? I said Screw it! And I sprung $75 for a chauffeured BMW 5 series to the hotel. Very relaxing. Worth the extra cost? For most, no, it's not. But it was a very nice treat for Rob.

The Room

I booked a standard king room with the Amex Business card holders special Marriott Rate (7% off for those who are curious about getting one, but I don't promote cards damnit!!!). I was upgraded to... an Executive floor room of exactly the same size and type. Honestly, I'm at the point that this is a worthless upgrade, same room, higher floor, nothing else is added or different. Meh. I did talk to the front desk people and now I have some tips about chatting them up on the Marriott app before I arrive to help get a suite assigned. This is a change to what I am used to but if it helps, Rob is fine doing that.
I was a little dejected walking in seeing this fairly narrow path Ok, the bedroom is quite adequate, I just was hoping for more.  Maybe next time I can finagle a suite
Pricey in-room bar, I have never in my life used these All the teas and extras Great shower, with wall mounted Malin & Goetz items - the standard bath amenities at LMs
If you forgot anything, well, here.  Replenished daily.  Yes, I do have a closet full of toothbrushes, why do you ask? Not the biggest, but it was the standard room.  Am I getting jaded?
Spelling out my benefits, like the lounge access and other items like my 10% discount at the hotel eateries


Latest Recipe is the main restaurant, and is fairly indicative of Asia (let's take two cool American words and use them, whether it really makes sense or not). It's a good place with such a wild breakfast buffet, that coincidentally is an option for status members to eat at instead of the Executive Lounge (more on that later!).
Buffet breakfast? Wait, what?  Gelato and sorbet for breakfast?
Custom eggs station? Breads, breads breads Yes ok, you win LM, you win, this is where I am going to eat
This was the most tart thing I have ever drank in my life, and then I wanted more Yes, I had the Tom Yum eggs.  You should too, very interesting taste interactions
Dinner, Tom Yum soup, Thai hot (they were concerned when I ordered it that spicey, it's not that hot.  Who stays here?  Minnesotans?) The deep-fried peppered fish was so off the charts delicious
The bar, Tempo, 1/2 floor down from Latest Recipe. Nice, intimate and focused. Great spot to have a stiff drink and consider the Japanese lounges later that night in the Silom area where the hotel is located.
Nice selection, very laid back and pampered drinking locale
Also the Lobby bar, which is quite nice during the day, and Rolling Rib, the BBQ joint attached to the hotel. This was an exceptional surprise and holy crap this is legit, delicious real bbq.
Really small, you should reserve in advance or risk not sitting While they had wings (omg Rob you didn't order them?) the smell of the brisket was noticeable at noon, let alone at 5 when they opened.  I had to have it and wow.  It's so good

Executive Lounge

The very first Le Meridien I have been in that has an Executive Lounge. I didn't know what to expect, but no matter what I could had expected, they exceeded that. It's really quiet, exclusive, top floor of the hotel, quiet and the level of service is crazy.
As with most Asian properties, I can check in and out at this desk instead of downstairs Nice, uncramped seating Breakfast offerings in the morning
Evening offerings Tea time food
Free drinks, for a few hours.  Enjoy and pour yourself back into your room The view, the gold topped building far to the left?  That's the rooftop bar from the Hangover II (which I have drank at!  Review linked)


A pool deck, a spa, the gym, event spaces, yeah, this is a fully defined hotel.
Nice pool, temp was great. It's Bangkok, where a day under 90 degrees doesn't seem to happen And if you just want to lounge around like many were doing, here are nice cool and tasty drinks to while your time away
Small event room Event ballroom
Board room... why do I feel like I just became Dr. Suess? Man, I can just imagine this all decked out with food, drinks and other pre-event warm ups Proper gym with all the items I need for my workouts to be effective


A five star hotel, super fancy but not in your face. It's French "Yes, we know we are fancy, this is expected, no need to be bourgeoisie about it". Absolutely delightful hotel which I really look forward to visiting again. My god, Bangkok has the best hotels, seriously, and they are not that expensive!

I would say go for the lounge here, the benefit for the breakfast alone would offset the price for 2 people, let alone the drinks in the evening or the snacks and tea in the afternoon.


Clinton Rost - 2023-03-21
That dinner with you was great!

Rob - 2023-03-21 From the Real Rob
Yes, that was a heck of an evening, wish I didn't have to work USA time and was staying longer that trip!

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