Malaysia Airlines, Business Class Flight Kuala Lumpur to Bali, October 2017


The Seat

A standard business-class medium distance seat, much like a first class seat in the USA. Includes a video screen and an ashtray sometimes (no you can't smoke).
An ashtray, wow.  Crazy things you see on flightsApparently the prayer worked because I made it

The Cabin

A very typical front of the plane for a 737, easily mistakable for a plane in the USA. It is comfortable. The seats do lean pretty far back, just past the point of "Ok, I can sleep on this".


Before flights, you can use the Golden Lounge, Business side. Those of higher status (Emerald with OneWorld, or a partner's first class ticket) can use the First Class side which includes a dinner service, nice private area and drinks served to you.
Leaving the lounge is bittersweet, as you know you're headed someplace nice and in a comfortable manner, but the space clings to you and makes you feel as if it wants you to stay.
After you get on the plane, you get basically water or soda (or Milo which if you don't know is a Nestle hot chocolate drink). I explain later in dining about that.


The food service was good, the menu expansive for such a small plane and short flight. Malaysia Airlines doesn't serve alcohol on any flight under 2 hours (and I heard now under 3 hours), but this one breaks that limit by a few minutes. Alcohol offerings are listed in a special insert they hand out to non-muslims with the menu. This is why it's mainly only water pre-flight.
Very interesting choices, and the chicken biryani was very spicy and quite flavorfulNice offering for the smaller plane
Quality wines, not cheap stuff.  Complemented the meal really well with the rich flavors


We prepared for landing only 10 minutes before touchdown. Into Denpensar in Bali, and off the plane to a bus for a quick trip down the terminal to customs. Having just left Malaysia, the tropical humidity and heat was not a surprise or shock, but actually welcome.


Fairly regular business class (comparable to American domestic first class) seats, in a typical 16 seat cabin. The true gem is the lounge and the in-flight service that feels like a 4 star experience (which I guess it really is). I have never flown coach on Malaysia Airlines and I don't think I will. Upgrading is very much worth it to me.

They do not serve alcohol on the shorter flights but there is in the lounge beforehand, so that access is very helpful.

Tip: Malaysia usually has a "bid up" option for your flight if you book coach. I bid approx $10 over the minimum amount every time and have never missed getting the upgrade when I had not purchased business class outright, but that bid up does not earn you miles.

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