Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur First Class


24 hours a day

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class on an OneWorld Airline.
Emerald status in OneWorld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

Since I had made Kuala Lumpur my base of operations to see several Asian countries and used Malaysia Airlines exclusively for those trips, I was treated many times to the Golden Lounge in the satellite building at KLIA1 terminal. I started leaving the hotel earlier to spend more time in the lounge by the end of my trips.

Over the years, as I pass through the city more and more my visits have increased. The lounge had a major refurbishment in 2017, and is still in very crisp shape.

My latest foray was 9 hours in the lounge overnight because flights just worked out that way and at midnight, it was not worth my time to go into the city and get a room for 5 hours of rest after all was said and done.
Forward to the lounge, or to the right for the dining

There is not a lot of seating, but honestly I have never seen more than 11 people here. I contribute that to Kuala Lumpur not being a major destination, and not a lot of people have that kind of status with One World. The primary visitors to the area are from the Middle East and they fly Emirates and Saudi Airlines. So, there is more than enough seating, including a really unique little cluster of chairs right by the entrance that I have not seen anyone use any time I have been there.
I never saw anyone sitting here
There is no bar, just drinks by request. But, you can get any drink you want, the spirits are of a middle shelf grade; Muslim country so it's not a priority it seems.

Dining Area

The dining area has is a full-service style restaurant. The menu was pretty good; you are served from seating to finish, dessert courses included. Very much just like high end dining with, wine, drinks and white napkins.

A very elegant and light dining room Breakfast is served, but to be honest, not a Malaysian strong suit It was quite edible, but not really wow like the dinners I have had there


There is a rest area with beds that is quiet and removed from the main area (don't get any ideas with the ladies, it is a Muslim country and they will block any attempts at that!) The seats are comfortable, and I never reached a point where they stopped serving me drinks.

I had no problem wasting away the time. You can go over to the business class side for their buffet which is quite immense.
The lounges take up the entire end of the terminal This is Malaysia, and this is how it is done.  It's not a full hotel, so allowances are made Majorly improved showers, this is definitely First Class lounge level
Anything you forgot?  It's here

Serve thyself

Recently the in-lounge alcohol has been upped to include wine and champagne. You still have to ask for mixed drinks or higher content booze, but there is always someone at the front for that need.

For some snacks and a quick drink, there is enough there for one to be satiated until dining opens at 7.
There are some pretty expensive bottles in this mix And the standard; drinking a lot of it will make you sick and so little of it actually tastes good. I don't get the appeal, but hey, fancy is as fancy does Soda (Coke Zero is freaking king in Asia).  The coffee was pretty good.  I wouldn't say gourmet, but it kept me awake for my meetings during the USA times when I needed to work remote
Breads, cookies, cheese and fruit during daytime hours.  If you're impatient, here you are.  Again, I think you can get regular food even super late overnight


This is an amazing lounge. The level of service is really great. The food, the wine, the high quality restaurant service. The drinks were a little lacking, but I didn't feel that it detracted too much. The class difference is super noticeable, and almost impressed upon you overtly. You feel special being in here.

I'll be honest, I have purposely flown through here when I could have done it cheaper, faster, and easier directly. Why? It's that good.

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