Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur First Class - April 2016


24 hours a day

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class on an Oneworld Airline.
Emerald status in Oneworld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

Since I had set my base of operations to see several Asian countries in Kuala Lumpur, and used Malaysia Airlines exclusively for those trips, I was treated many times to the Golden Lounge in the satellite building at KLIA1 terminal. I started leaving the hotel earlier to spend more time in the lounge by the end of my trip.
Forward to the lounge, or to the right for the dining

There is not a lot of seating, but honestly I have never seen more than 11 people here. I contribute that to Kuala Lumpur is not a major destination, and not a lot of people have that kind of status with One World, as the primary visitors are from the Middle East and they fly Emirates and Saudi Airlines. So, there is more than enough seating, including a really unique little cluster of chairs right by the entrance that I have not seen anyone use any time I have been there.
I never saw anyone sitting here
There is no bar, just drinks by service. But, you can get any drink you want, the spirits are of a middle shelf grade; Muslims don't put much importance on such things it seems.

Dining Area

The dining area has is a full service style restaurant. The menu was pretty good, you are served from seating to finish.

For all the times I visited I didn't take pictures in 2016. Also I lost track of the meals ordered from the breakfasts to the dinners on the various times through.


There are rest rooms with a bed (don't get any ideas with the ladies, it is a Mulsim country and they will block any attempts at that!) that are quiet and removed from the main area. The seats are comfortable, and I never reached a point where they stopped serving me drinks.

I had no problem wasting away the time. You can go over to the business class side for their buffet ,but I have never felt the need to do that.
The lounges take up the entire end of the terminal


This is an amazing lounge. The level of service is really great. The food, the wine, high quality restaurant grade. The drinks were a little lacking, but I didn't feel that it detracted too much. The class difference is super noticeable, and almost impressed upon you overtly. You feel special being in here.

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