Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur Regional Lounge


5:00am - 12:00am daily

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First or Business class on an Oneworld Airline.
Emerald or Sapphire status in Oneworld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

So when flying what Malaysia considers regional (anywhere a 737 can reach) they generally depart out of the main terminal, instead of the international satellite terminal where the first class lounge resides.

This one is just before the trains to the satellite terminal, to the left, up an escalator.

Dining Area

Not a very large lounge, and it's kinda barely business class level. I found it fairly rudimentary and spartan. I mean there is a buffet, but it was a light amount of things, trying to please everyone, there was a sampling from all over.
So not a lot of places.  Kinda busy a lot in here too Coffee, juice, smoothies.  Coffee was good though The food buffet, when sampling across many cultures, it was hard to get a real breakfast I felt

Seating and Amenities

As you can see from above the seating is kinda small area. I had difficulty finding a space that day myself. There are showers, but it was crowded outside of them, with many employees watching to make sure genders dont mix and cleaning, but it was humid and well, kinda smelled like a locker room. Not sure what the reason this one is so uncomformtable compared to the business lounge.

But, there is a bar, stocked adequately, and if you just want to sit and get your drink on, and have a regional flight, this is definitely a place to plant yourself.
Now this, was a great place to sit and relax


While in the main terminal, and has a decent bar, I found the rest of the lounge much lower quality that the other Malaysia Airline lounges in the airport. My advice is take the train over to the satellite and go into the main golden lounge if you have the time.

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