Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur Business Class


24 hours a day

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First or Business class on an OneWorld Airline.
Emerald or Sapphire status in OneWorld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

Since I am OneWorld Emerald, I have never had the need or desire to go over to the business class side of the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge. I was always looking for a more serene and personal experience, but it seems there are significant things in there I have missed out on with that stance. While visiting the lounge (and let me tell you, I was the only person in the lounge for at least 5 hours), I had the opportunity to go over and look around unfettered.

The entrance is to the left of the main check-in desk and immediately I noticed they have a bar!
You can sit here while waiting for someone or while having the desk help you with your flight A full bar, first thing into the lounge.  I think I might have been shortchanged on the First Class side

Dining Area

So the lounge is much larger than the first class side, and the dining is cafeteria style, centered around the buffet and noodle bar. Tables are far enough apart so you won't be bumping into anyone else.
Noodles, prepared to your specifications The big long shot of the lounge, showing all the dining seating Fruit, yogurt, other items needing cold to be fresh
During the day, so many things here, until 1am.  This is crazy much

Seating and Amenities

There is a lot more seating here as well as a family area, plus showers and a sleeping room separate from First.
A lot more seating in this side, which makes sense as there are probably 10 times as many Sapphires as Emeralds Doesn't seem to be overlap between the lounges for the showers and restrooms


A lounge fully 4 times the size of the First Class lounge. I think I might have to pop over here for a bite when I don't want to do the total dining service. Also, that bar? That demands visiting for the instant drinks and social interactions that are not present in the First side.

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