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Hilton Denver City Center

I was heading to Denver to evaluate a particular vintage automobile in the area, but would not able to see it before Sunday. Not wanting to waste all of my time just traveling, I drove overnight Friday to Denver and found an acceptable rate. (I found out after I got there, a game of the Stanley Cup finals was that night and wow were rooms up there). I booked a room at the Hilton in Downtown Denver which allowed me to explore a few places around the city.


I drove west on I-76, and that took me right to downtown exits, which then... well Denver is odd, streets go in so many directions and quite a few one-ways with a lot of street closures. Also the timing on the stop lights is a bit frustrating as you will always be stopping from block to block. (Enjoy that extra exhaust?). Finally, I got to California street from the correct direction and I was able to drop off my bags. I had prepaid for parking a block away for $10 vs. $35 through Hilton.
This was pretty busy as people were waiting for cars and to be picked up to go out on the town

The Room

It's a business, convention, and actually a vacation property. The rooms are nice, and I did get an upgrade to a deluxe something corner room. Not to a suite, but I imagine that the hockey finals had something to do with that.
I wish Hilton was more unique with the keycards for their properties
There is a lot more space than a standard room here, things are comfortable and easy to move around and you do not feel cramped in 4 of this room on the floor, and it's bigger than the rest of them, not really anything to complain about
Good sized bath, no knee knocking on the toilet or tub/shower I've not seen this brand before, it was much nicer than the standard Crabtree & Evelyn Being pretty high up, there was a view, but I was facing to the north I think and the city ends right here in that direction

The Restaurant

A better than normal hotel bar, Prospect, is also the restaurant, and it's downstairs below street level. Very well positioned for the event spaces they have. Great wings too.
The pantry here was very small, and now I guess that Starbucks is a regular thing in Hiltons?


They have a gym and a pool that is closed, or maybe perma shutdown, I didn't ask. But anyways, right now the pool is not functioning. The gym is really large though.
The event spaces are spread over 4 floors. The best ones in my opinion are the below ground ones, especially the ballroom floor.
Spaces near the bar, they go back a fair distance, and even to under the street Relax between presentations in this intimate alcove
Ballrooms center area, really encouraging you to rent out all of it


A non-standard type property but still at or above the level one expects at a Hilton. Denver has a lot of really high-end properties and this one can compete.
Upper area from lobby to work and collaborate with people or just chill I liked these lights a lot, actually much more than I probably should have for how simple they are but they reflect it so elegantly

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