Wings at The Four Seasons, Denver

The Price

$18 for crispy chicken wings, visually they were exactly what you were expecting (they only had ranch though, so a lost point on that one). Service was quick even though it was busy.

The Wings

Deep fried naked, then sauced wings. Standard size, but over cooked, so the ends of the drumsticks were a tad burnt, detracting from the buffalo. Now, the buffalo... well, it was sweet, and it did taste buffaloey, but being that the hotel was fulla old white people, they had zero heat to them. They were just sweet wings. Nice place, awesome drinks, but the wings are not worth a repeat for Rob or for you to order.
Sweet, moist, but no burn, just none at all


High end, old school, blue hair establishment and the wings would have to have cayenne on them to be considered even mild. Too bad, the meat was tender.

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