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Hilton Kensington 2022

So as part of my 2 weeks in London, chasing the best rates on the best days, I had a 6 day stay at the Hilton in Kensington. Having stayed here before, I had a good idea what was going to be up with the property.


I took a bus which was only £1.88, quite a bargain, and here is the real bonus, no stairs to go up and down with a heavy bag. The only caveat? If you are in the handicapped area with your bags and a person in need comes on, you're kinda in a bind.
Having scheduled my time well, I arrived at 3pm and my room was ready.

The Room

A fairly tight but functional business-type room. It can work for 2, but the space is limited between the bed, walls and dresser. I brought stuff for over a week and it was a challenge.

There is a good-sized refrigerator and a working tea pot (Hey, it's England).
Big king bed, but it barely fits.  I used the sitting chair to hold my stuff Nice desk, plugs are a little loose and tend to tilt out, so I put things under them to keep my computer and other things powered Narrow vanity, the bathroom is indeed a tight one.  Two will be challenged to get ready in here at the same time
It controls humidity too?  This is a bonus in the winter
The view was to the back over the hotel towards residential areas. Not a visually stunning sight, but definitely a quiet one away from the road noise.

Food and Drink

The onsite restaurant and bar, Avenue Bar and Grill, is a fairly standard looking affair, but the people working it are the ones that make it special. The drinks were very well prepared. Also there is WestEleven restaurant, named for the postal code of the hotel, which is open right now only for breakfast, with a pretty large buffet.
Most of my trips were to this one
There are 3 coffee machines, the one farthest to the right makes the best mochas The bar - Georgios is the best manager and can also mix anything you can imagine
Since I'm a Diamond with Hilton and they had closed their executive lounge, I was awarded these.  I used many and this is what was still left over, I just can't drink that much

Event Spaces

There are several event rooms which were all taken by some business networking convention for the area, so I wasn't able to sneak into them, sorry.


Hidden away in the lower level, in two very separated rooms, is the gym.  It has everything you need, just was a little disconnected from the flow of the hotel


A very 1980s urban renewal feel hotel. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this place, it just feels a little tight when compared to properties in the US, but it has all the services and more than you would expect. It was a great value for the money and well located by Shepards Bush underground station.

As always, select a rate that includes breakfast. Tip, unpack all your stuff into the closet and dresser and then just have the bellhop hold the bags during your visit. Also book the room for 2, because you can get twice the drink vouchers if you have status.

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