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The Westminster 2022

While figuring out my 2 weeks in London there was a particular Saturday night where rates were just not to be had anywhere in the city, so I used points to get a fancier hotel experience than the regular run of the mill Hiltons. I came across The Westminster which is a Curio Collection property and definitely not your average hotel.


I took a cab and enjoyed a nice ride down the Thames, seeing a few interesting things I have to visit in the future, like Battersea Park.
I arrived way too early and my room wasn't ready, so I just stored my bags and went off into the city. I got back at 3 and my room was available so I went up and had my bags delivered to it.

The First Room

This first room had a layout I am very unaccustomed to. When you enter the room, you are instantly into the bathroom vanity area, with the shower and toilet on the side, and then it went to the bedroom. It felt exceptionally tight to me with almost zero useable space and no separation from the hallway entrance.

Mainly, I was uncomfortable in this room physically and emotionally.
Queen sized bed that is a pretty tight squeeze.  The sitting chair is a bit of refuge, but the desk, well, if another was in the room I would have been in the way A long row of this style room on these floors

The Second Room

So, after some buttering up and humble conversations, and with my status and because I was using points (hotels receive a much better monetary gain from Hilton than some special rates would and that offers more flexibility), I was able to acquire a bit of a larger room.
WOAH, a Suite!  And look at that king bed and crazy embossed headboard Not too many of these in the hotel!
More than enough room to hide all my crap And what a delightful, spacious area to decompress The bathroom had totally separate areas setup by function, and it worked well

The Views

The views can be impacted by the buildings nearby, but in the gym, you can see quite a distance in all directions.

Food and Drink

They have a franchise of the steak house STK onsite. It's a very hip and party style atmosphere, and high-end dining with equally high-end and creative drinks to boot. I had an allergy issue to dance around and did they ever take care of me on that front!
The rose theme is so beautiful and consistent in the hotel They have a DJ at night and this was a visual treat for who showed up to drink here I was well taken care of, like I said
And in the morning, it's the breakfast venue with a buffet and a chef on duty to custom make eggs and omelets. Many options that go beyond a standard eggs/bacon/pastries/cereal affair. A lot of US-style breakfast items.
What, fried eggs done like in America?  I am very pleased So many things to pick from The chef's station to satisfy your cravings

Event Spaces

They have a few event spaces in the hotel, and they are as elegant as the rest of the hotel. Just the waiting area was awesome.
I'd like to just sit here with a drink for a while


With a well-appointed two-story gym at the top of the hotel, it has amazing views at night and lots of equipment to utilize
The tip top, 15th floor and the free weights.  NOT handicap accessible Wild hats, British but playful, I am guessing this is what is called 'cheeky'


A luxury hotel with a total party vibe. The beautiful people seem to go here (and myself also, I dunno how I got in). Amazing dining and incredible breakfast, a few blocks from Westminster Abbey and Parliament. Select a rate that includes breakfast, because who wants to deal with that after a night of partying? Just go ahead and spring for the suite, you'll thank me later.

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