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JW Marriott Singapore South Beach 2019

For my trip to Singapore in 20191, as part of my weird obsession with completing lists of things, I decided to stay at the JW Marriott, and check another one of them off my list. I had searched quite a bit and the Ritz at one point was a very reasonable price, but then I found that they did not participate in the Marriott rewards program. Scratch that one!


I took the train from Changi airport down to the JW Marriott Singapore. It's easily reachable by train and a short walk, or by train and then the subway right into the lower levels of the complex

Part of the hotel used to be an old colonial jail and officers quarters. It's nice to see that incorporated into the property as conference and event space, using the original windows and doors, without changing a lot of the look and feel.

The Room

I was upgraded to a base + one level room, which is neither here nor there, the person at the front desk was new and upgrades are a privilege, not a right. The room was quite functional, even a bit elegant, and pretty large for one person. Super nice bathroom, and a nice view out the wrapping window. The only real problem with the room is it had a peculiar odor, reminicent of a person relieving themselves on the carpet. During the day it wasn't too noticeable, but as the AC turns off automatically at night because it doesn't detect movement in the room, it was much more prevalent.

The Lounge

One of the reasons to go to JW's in Asia is the ridiculous lounges they have compared to the USA. This one was over the top as I've come to see in every JW that I have stayed with so far in the Orient. The food offerings were impressive, with several local dishes featured.


It's an OK hotel. Better than USA, but I will say not better than other hotels I have stayed at in Singapore and definitely not better than other JW's across Asia. The lounge was great, but the room was lacking. I just wouldn't expect to have an issue like that at a 5 star property. I do not think I will be staying at this one again.

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