BMW World, 2009

The home of the BMW Headquarters, the Museum and the gratuitous delivery center. All things BMW can be had from hats to a $200,000 custom car.

The Arrival

I drove down the Autobahn A9 from Nuremburg, having lost a race to the ICE train (Inner City Express). The son was thoroughly impressed and excited about no speed limits, but a diesel Mercedes station wagon can only go so fast. (122mph for those who are interested)

I parked in the underground lot at the complex, making it very easy to get in and out.
The world-wide HQ of the BMW Group (They even own Rolls Royce now)

Cars Cars Cars (and yes, catering to douchey Americans)

A temple to the cars made by BMW, you can pick up your auto here, and then drive it all over Europe, drop it off at a port city, and save the "new car import tax" of like 7%. That's thousands, and they kiss your ass from the moment you arrive until you drive off.
The "runway" where your car is ready to be picked up Where they make the straight 6 motor that goes in almost every single car they have Millions of dollars of 7 series
I have a car with this V10 - so fast, so unreliable This V8 motor is actually awesome and very reliable They were super into racing with Sauber, loved those days

The Museum

Attached to the HQ building is the BMW Museum. There's an extra cost for admission, but it's pretty cool with lots of historical autos and immersive displays.
Showing all the different components a modern car body is made of This was so cool I started doing it for the ones I have owned
Elvis had one; sadly, they are $1,000,000 USD now Bizarre car with an up and down door Mini before they bought Mini
Race motor of 230mph.  Crazy power The first supercar BMW made Beautiful two-seater; they now cost more than when they were new
This car changes shape with a super strong cloth-based skin Never sold in the US thankfully


If you like cars, this is a great place, if you're an idiot like me and like BMWs, it's a "must go to". Near the old Olympic grounds, covering it's own large area in the city, you can even buy a car here.

I've never done Euro pickup, but it seems the process (from watching the videos) is designed to validate your decision to buy a car that will need more maintenance than one 40% less expensive, although Autobahn driving will not be boring! Oh, they do drive nice and are hard to miss on the road though.

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