Innsbruck, 2009

As part of my first major international foray since the military, I took my oldest son (12 at the time) to Austria to ski, which he was really into at the time. Innsbruck seemed a reasonable place given the proximity to two winter Olympic sites and a Hilton hotel where I was a Diamond with them at the time.

A better history is in a previous post here.

The Arrival

We drove in from Fussen, Germany through the lower Alps. It took a little under three hours, and was an interesting route through mountains, tunnels and valleys. After arriving in Innsbruck, it took forever to find the hotel. No international data plan, poor planning on my part (I did say this was part of my first big foray yes?), but after 4 times around the west side of the city, I finally found the correct road. Like streets in London, it changed names halfway through it.


Quite a view available from the room, every day it got a little clearer on wakeup. Being in the old section of town is an advantage for foot travelers too.
First morning started out a bit cloudy Second morning, less cloudy, oh look, mountains Third morning, yes, of course, you know I'm leaving and you tempt me with this view
The Golden Adler, seat of the powerful for 600 years.  Now they sell postcards This incredibly steep cable train is on the south side, and goes up the mountain to the zoo
This was interesting to me because they had just begun to appear across the USA Ate dinner where Mozart did, in this hotel Tower from the 1400s, not for viewing but protection as you could defend the egress with less people than it requires to take it
Apparently in ancient Germanic areas, building a bridge meant a city was on its way to becoming significant (just like Munich) View from the zoo area, which was too cold to visit in earnest that day Modern creeps in
Surrounded by the Alps Mountains are everywhere, which is pretty awesome to my eyes
There is a Tram museum, as the streetcars have been here for over 100 years. As there was a group of people on vintage trams excursing the city, the museum was maybe closed? Well, the door was unlocked...
They preserved so much of their pastOld and cold I bet


Home of two Olympics and skiing until at least late April, Patscherkofel is the playground of the locals where 5 year old kids can put adults in the US to shame with their skills.
This takes you to the top top Tyrol from the top of the mountain
After his first 30-minute run down the entire mountain The bunny hill here would be a black diamond in Minnesota
Seems most places are more open about protection, and have lower rates of social disease: hmmmm, coincidence? The city from 6500 feet altitude


Innsbruck, just a very stunning and unique city. Food is a bit expensive at restaurants, markets are not too bad to shop from. Hotels are medium costs, bars are expensive. Train connected to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Vienna, plane connected to the rest of Europe.

It's pretty low key, never have I seen it overrun with tourists. You should know some German; not everyone here likes to use English. Driving is acceptable from other cities, but do not forget to get a toll sticker.

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