Wings at the Qantas First Class Lounge, Singapore

The Price

Well, free. As long as you have the ability to access this lounge in the airport. If you don't have access with your flight, find a Travel Daddy to get you into the lounge on your next trip through.
All kinds of tasty goodies

The Wings

The wings have a seasoned coating in a fried chicken preparation. Served Asian style, you are to strip the meat onto the lettuce, then add the pepper sauce, pepper and cucumbers to it and eat as a little wrap. Cucumbers can go die, but wow, the flavor mix was really good while omitting that unfortunate gourd.

The juiciness of the wings was beyond anything I have found before in a fully cooked piece of chicken. They ended up sloppy even while not being sauced.
Yes, even though I'm in a super fancy, exclusive setting, I still went for the wings first off.  It's a sickness


Unexpected, different format, and with my experience with Asian style, much better than anticipated. Actually outstanding.

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Qantas First Class Lounge Singapore - Posted: 2022-10-27