Wings at Crust and Craft at the St. Regis Maldives - July 2021

The Price

The wings at this beachside venue were $28 for the entire presentation. This is a bar food type venue even though it's not a bar. Burgers, pizzas and similar things are available here.

The Wings

Described as Cajun style, I reserved judgement until I tasted them. They were good, and the remoulade under the potato wedges was a great accompaniment. Quite tasty, and you have to take the price in relation to the rest of the resort, they were a bargain then.
Shiny messy and pretty delish


Good wings in the middle of the Indian Ocean - tasty, cooked just right, sloppy, with a good Cajun burn/flavor. Yeah, I could go for more of these. Not the only reason to fly to the resort, the resort is the reason, but these wings are great as a between-meals or lunch item.

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