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St. Regis Vommuli, Maldives

Each of my kids get to pick a destination for a special vacation, and my youngest daughter wanted to go somewhere with overwater villas. She didn't specify a location, just was fixated on staying in one. I had originally looked at Bora Bora because the island is lousy with them, but the logistics of getting there on One World with miles was not doable. So I kept searching and the #1 Marriott property in the world was shown as the St. Regis Maldives. Since it's in Asia, and with the points I had saved, well it all worked out after 2 1/2 years of fighting Covid cancellations and organizing business class flights and an over the water villa. I swear giving birth would be easier.


I landed in Male, the capital of the Maldives and went through customs (mainly to check for alcohol - oh and Covid, seriously). Then I was met by the St. Regis representative immediately outside, and we checked my luggage to the resort. Then off to private transport (with wifi in the vehicle, wha?!?!) and over to the St. Regis arrivals lounge to wait for my sea plane flight to the island.
It's a long plane ride from Male to the resort

The Lounge

At the airport, the resort has a private lounge just for their guests while they wait for their flights (to or from the resort). Quite a nice affair.
Lounge breakfast menu & prices Lounge afternoon menu & prices

The Resort

As I landed at the resort, my butler Kumie was waiting for us (along with what seemed like every other employee waving at the dock). Waiting in the arrival lounge was a coconut cut open and chilled (omg, no thank you) as a welcome drink.

We were whisked off to our villa to acclimate and rest. What a room, just beyond any expectations I could have had.

Types of lodging

The resort has many lodging options, on land villas, over water villas, and gratuitous mini mansions you can book. The price? Well, if you have to ask... (mine would have been $2200 a night if I had not used points).
My view, every day, where the weather was perfect


There are 7 or so dining options on the island, and 3 bars. Food is very expensive and drinks more so (tax for alcohol is about 3x the purchase price, plus the markup for the property to make a profit, be warned).

Alba, the standard everything restaurant.
Now I include the menus as I found them during my stay in 2021 for your price comparisons. Also figure a 10% service fee, then a 12% tax on all of that.
Alba breakfast menu & prices
Alba lunch menu & prices
Alba dinner menu & prices
Alba drinks menu & prices
Orientale, the Japanese Restaurant.
Orientale dinner menu & prices
Orientale drinks menu
Crust and Craft, the pizza and lunchy type place.  Many afternoons were spent going here
Crust menu & prices
Decanter, the private dining venue in the cellar, hidden, exclusive, my private tour.
The Whale Bar, I think they built the entire resort around this place and this view.
Whale bar menu & prices
Whale drinks menu & prices
Whale dinner menu & prices

The Property

A very functional gym if you don't have tunnel vision about how to work out, a game room and building, tennis, water sports, and many things to do around the island instead of being a slug (like I wanted to for most of my time there. Hey, work is brutal; I need a respite). Indoor places
Outdoor Places
And just so you never get lost, on a 1/3 mile long island, signs are everywhere at the St. Regis Maldives.


The island is a groomed jungle ecosystem and very pleasant to be in, around, and walking through.


As the sun sets, the resort takes on a magical glow of ambient lighting and comforting radiance throughout. Do not go to bed early!


The island has a gift shop with quite a large amount of items (about 3x what you would expect to pay on any of it) and a jewelry shop, aimed at clientele a couple levels above my spending habits.
St. Regis items, and various things you might want or need during your stay.  Sticker shock continues here Ivar, the jeweler.  I never called to have a viewing At the dive shop where you can outfit yourself for the water, and in a fluke of nature and memory, for once, I didn't need to buy a pair of trunks from forgetting to bring them this time!

Things that didn't categorize easily

Various pictures that add to the representation of the experience.


When they say this is the #1 resort in Marriott, it's not hyperbole. It is seriously beyond belief. This review will only scratch the surface of the luxury here, but it does come at a cost. The food is very expensive. Alcohol is pretty much out of reach for a casual traveler. Activities are pretty pricey also. I used hotel points to pay for my room and for all of the food using Marriott's instant redemption and still the bill with seaplane, gift goods and covid testing to go home was another $2900.

If you have the money, this is one of those lifetime goals to reach for. I was very relaxed and very pampered (as was my daughter who had every whim answered). This is paradise.


Rochelle Smith - 2023-08-18
I'm with your daughter on this one! I love over the water villas and Maldives is my dream vacation! She's a lucky girl! Thank you for this detailed review... The links are very helpful. I usually have to copy and paste into the Google search bar.

gareth - 2022-05-21
Thanks for the in depth review.

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