Qatar Business Class Miami to Doha, July 2021


The Seat

The seat is a Qatar Airways enclosed "Q-Suite" seat/room. Massaging seat with a 6 1/2 feet long bed and a door.

The Cabin

The business class cabin is at the front of the aircraft, and completely separated from the other cabins. Many passengers will enter with you but there are two jetways so most of the rabble will not be seen.

They have 42 business class suites with 4 bathrooms, all with a fold down bench and room to sit down to change into your PJs.
Pretty empty, quiet flight


They offer a White brand cotton flight sleepwear set. They seem nice, and are around $140 for the equivalent on the White Company website. I haven't worn them yet even though I scammed 2 pair over my flights. Also Brics amenity bags with Monte Vibiano (it's ok, I have never heard of them either) products to stay hydrated and sanitized during the flight.


They have juice/water/champagne pre-flight service. This is all you can get, I asked. Better drinks are after take-off. Your gender specific bag (even though the contents are the same) and your size of sleepwear (this one I dunno how they do before you board, but they did) are already in your Q-Suite.


Man, even in Covid, they really put out a good spread.


We prepared a bit before arrival while flying over Bahrain, along the Persian Gulf. You could see Iran, that was... interesting.

Actually a lot of the scenery when I was awake was interesting. I did sleep quite a bit though.
Gulf of Aquaba, off to the Red Sea Bahrain, if you're a lucky marine you can marry a princess from here


It's a very fancy experience for a proclaimed Business Class. This kicks American's First class product in the nuts. British Airways is going to struggle against this one too. It's good, well worth it compared to what I imagine the ignominy of coach would be. I can't bear the thought of that for 14 hours...

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