Qatar Al Mourjan Business Lounge - July 2021


24 hours a day

Airlines Services

One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class or business class ticket on an Oneworld Airline.
Paid access on non-bottom rate tickets.
No guests.

The Lounge

At over 100,000 square feet (10,000 square meters), this has to be the largest premium class lounge in the world. (It's strangely difficult to find a list of lounges based on size so I am going off of experience).

Since Qatar is competing with the United Arab Emirates for regional flying pampering and the World Cup is coming, this lounge was a safe bet in any fashion. I flew business class in from Miami and back from Male, Maldives through here, and it did not disappoint.

You do need to follow the signs as it's not super intuitive to find the entrance, but the signs are not so great at getting you there either. Mainly, it's near the entrance to Harrods Tea Shop, if you're looking in the entrance, turn right and the longer escalator will lead you there.
Go this way, but not where you think Little closer, but how did you get to this one?  Not from the first one for sure If you are standing here, turn right, and head to the long escalator
Not even the full length or scope of the lounge, crazy big

Dining Area

Located above the main floor of the lounge, it is a huge sit down and "order for service" dining area which was packed, and there is usually a waiting line. The food is quality and you can choose either from assisted buffet or prepared fresh. As they don't do medium rare there, the filet was acceptable. The sushi was pretty good. Multitudes of other options including Halal, vegetarian, and Asian dishes.
You can see it's a big area
Self serve, very containerized, but functional buffet area.  See, it can work during the Pandemic Even though medium well, it was still pretty tasty
All menus are now online, unless you don't have a phone, they can bring you a paper one
This is quality sushi, well made and great flavors Very Parisian, but I liked it.  Great selection of different types
Mmmmm, thus endeth my attempt at a diet The assisted warm food buffet, which worked exceptionally


Kinda the only real 'snacks' is the sandwich place on the main floor while soft drinks are available throughout the lounge. They have wine and mixed drinks here for non-Muslims. Food for everyone, and a good amount of seating, there was never a wait here I saw.
Sandwiches and drinks.  High quality wine

Shower Facilities

I love me a shower after a long flight, to change clothes (always an extra set or two in my carry on) so I feel like a human, before going to get a drink. The showers here are awesome, the ones by the big water feature are ok, little small, but the ones by the quiet area are top notch!
It gets very steamy in the room, sauna like but when you're done and walk outside... omg, new person Catch a nap here, a great feature

Other Features

This lounge is amazing, there is a business center, plus private desks for working on your own machines. A game room (ok, two of them) for people with kids, and yes, many many (like I did) fly with their children business class or higher in this region. A lot of seating areas, and views of parts of the airport below. Since it's always about 1,000,000 degrees outside, the windows seem perpetually covered in condensation making views of Doha difficult.
Copies, printing, computers, fax (I know...) and an attendant to help you You can conduct calls and work on your computer here, strangely taken by a lot of women with babies though when I visited Kiddies' delight.  Race away
Or for millennials... There is one of the like 20 duty-free areas Prayer room and smoking lounges... I don't use either


Truly a stunning lounge. I can only imagine what the First Class lounge looks like when it reopens. While it is massive, I have seen it completely full, and trying to find a few seats together was difficult. On an overnight layover, the family area and quiet rooms are also difficult to book (they are good for catching a bit of sleep, but I did get one eventually which really helped my daughter).

If you're buying a ticket on Qatar and want access to this lounge, make sure you buy a ticket that includes it. Their base rate Business does not anymore. Get in line for dinner when you can, store your bags in the bag room before, just to make life a little more comfortable in the lounge. A stay of under 3 hours just will not cut it.

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