Qantas Airlines First Class Lounge Auckland


4:00am to 07:00pm

Airlines Serviced

Qantas Airways
American Airlines
Qatar Airways
OneWorld Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Emerald Status on OneWorld.
One Guest.

The Lounge

This is another lounge I have been in before but took exactly one picture (which I will have in this post!) Now I have taken many more. A nice lounge, quiet, very exclusive, but it does not have the normal Qantas first-class amenities like the open bar, open kitchen or sit down dining. I think it's here because Australia considers New Zealand a suburb, but a busy one.

General Area

The general seating area is the primary area in the lounge. Spacing is a little tight, but since it didn't have more than 11 people in here before a flight, I guess it's not even a concern.
I has invitation Not huge, but I was never cramped in or pinned in by people I should have used this area but I did my work from my seating while waiting (yes, Rob works too much to keep funding his travel)


Instead of full service dining, this lounge has a buffet.
Breakfast had food that westerners are used to, and I found a couple things to keep me nourished until my in-flight meal Sadly, the alcohol side is not open in the early morning (but it is on the plane!)
Unlimited Ice Cream!  Some normal and some odd flavors like Hokey Pokey Cashew which was ok, but the salted caramel was a strange taste Here it is, the old pic.  Meatpies, the national dish of New Zealand back from 2012 (they might be stale by now)

Shower Facilities

While I didn't use them, I was the only one in the lounge when I arrived, so I snuck in for some pics. Large size and those fancy amenities I've come to expect in Qantas lounges.
The good old LUE.  Such nice fragrances that really tell my subconscious brain I am traveling, and traveling well


11 years after the first visit, I was able to come back. It's larger than before, and I had more than 30 minutes to spend. Being so separate from the rest of the lounge and double separated from the terminal, you forget that you're inside an airport.

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