Qantas Sydney First Lounge


5:00am to last Qantas flight daily

Airlines Serviced

American Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Japan Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class on an Oneworld Airline.
Emerald status in Oneworld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

Having stumbled across this lounge as an international noob in 2012, with really no idea what was being offered, it has stuck in my mind for over a decade. I took exactly 3 pictures my first time here, well, now that I have come back and I am a regular international traveler with 40,000 plus photos, it was time to do this right.
My most favorite lounge in the entire world, so let me bring you through it.
Outside the entrance, in the terminal, belies nothing of what you are going to experience in here As you enter this is all over the walls Up into the lounge, I don't know what this areas seating is for
Ample comfy seating all throughout Many books to spend time with if you're not taking pictures and video like someone we know
If you really really really need to get some important work done, this is the best laid out office in a lounge I have seen I don't usually show these but this is the bathroom for one person, so much extra A clickity clackity schedule board much like a train station


At 6 am, even I couldn't start drinking. This bar though, really begs me to.
Mmmm, much delightful concoctions to be had from these
A spa? Yes, massages are available (but the early morning slots are usually booked the day before by Qantas for their special guests, afternoon is better).
Now in 2012, when I was there much later in the day, I did indeed get a treatment

Dining Area

Ahhh, the dining. My first time here was quite a shock and surprise. Sit down isolated menu service. Outstanding food all day long and, yes I stole the menu.
Rob really LOVED how they took all the other silverware to make it painfully obvious he was indeed, alone Well, any complaints?  Anyone?  I didn't think so The open format kitchen, which is in every Qantas first class lounge
I don't know why I keep having eggs benedict, as, I have been told I make the dish better than anywhere in the world by multiple people, but shrug, I'm lazy when traveling (That's a lie, I spend a stupid amount of time now just getting shots and documenting all this stuff I used to just enjoy).


Rob's feeling for the best lounge in the world (correct, THE, not one of...). The service is beyond anything one could expect in a 5-star hotel, let alone an airline lounge. Well, basically every flight from here is endless hours of length so one should be rested and pampered before attempting it. I could live here. t

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