Qatar Premium Lounge Singapore


7:45am - 10:45am daily 6:00pm - 2:30am daily

Airlines Serviced

Qatar Airlines
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First or Business class on an OneWorld Airline.
No guests.

The Lounge

It's not hidden, but it's a ways off the others in the Jewel terminals area. I camped out for breakfast after making sure I had a business class ticket to Kuala Lumpur and time to actually get in here when it was open. As you see, the hours are based around Qatar's flight schedule.

Dining & Drinks

High-end food preparation and a buffet, which appears to me to be a standard of quality based on the visits I have been able to make around the world in Qatar Lounges. Yes, a great bar, which still blows my mind for a Muslim carrier, but hey, I'm not complaining.
Welcome, well, if you meet the very tight criteria The way into dining. This is the serve yourself and relax spot Another shot of the front entry seating area Farther in back, less traffic than the entry set of seats Where one gets work one, which for once, I didn't have to do Love coffee table picture books Formal menu driven sit-down dining All the teas for those that drink such things If you don't want to wait for table service, you can help yourself I waited. It was pretty good Very well stocked bar With really good drink makers


Quiet and secluded. Very few people in here based on the pretty restrictive entry rules Qatar has. Not an easy visit but if one plans well, it's worth it. The food and drink are exceptional. The service is really spot on. Just an excellent and pleasant lounge.

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