British Airways First Class Lounge Terminal 3


5:00am to 10:00pm

Airlines Services

British Airways
One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Emerald status on OneWorld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

Ah, the Terminal 3 lounge - I had first gone through here in 2012, and well, I wasn't taking pictures much back then, so I wasn't able to do a quality job for a post. I was such a travel noob. The lounge hasn't changed much from then except the spa has been removed (yes, you used to be able to get massages and such here). The food service has been upgraded also.
Your path away from the Business Class side, I mean... who wants to mingle with them?

Dining Area

This has been brought up in line with the first class lounge in terminal 5, where you sit down and scan the QR code. It used to be waitstaff service, but you know, thanks Covid.

First Class Dining

Now, if you are actually flying in first class, this is totally the place to go now. Super good drinks and delicious waitstaff directed dining.

Other Areas

So the lounge is quite large, and well my first time through was about 70% full. It was only 5% full this trip, making photography a lot easier. The showers are about the same as the arrivals lounge but in a bigger space.

The buffet for when you don't want sit-down dining, workstations, a self-service bar, and lots of extra seating. Now, I have some intensely old pictures from over a decade ago, and some new ones, so let's play "See how it's changed".
2012 Champagne room 2022, the old man in the background is no longer here but otherwise seems identical
2012 buffet 2022, updated a bit but looks like the same service
2012 coffee spot Fairly major change to 2022, changed over to Union brand with new machines
Self Service bar in 2012 In 2022, this looks like it has barely changed, they moved the chips up high and downgraded from Johnny Walker Blue to Black (oh the pain!)
Full service bar, in person or QR code menu ordering Formal dining space, best lit area of the lounge Tiny ticket to get in Well, there is a lot of seating for wasting time And more of the actual dedicated dining areas Breakfast menu of the first class order Breakfast menu of the first class order The bar in first with more exclusive options than the standard bar Like this glass of Johnnie Walker Blue The lunch items available. Looks delicious I lucked out with an early availability to desert Why it's a miracle, as I traverse this bar, water changes to wine! My god the colors make my eyes hurt, I could not work in these spaces So a continued decent offering, I'll visit first dining when I am able though


This is a really nice lounge with excellent food, quite spacious with so much drink. My Editor says the Qantas lounge is really good but I haven't been to that one (it also admits OneWorld Sapphires and I'm being elitist at the moment).

The new first class only dining really puts this one at the top of anything in Terminal 3. I need more time in there.

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