Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge Heathrow


5:30am to 9:00pm

Airlines Serviced

Cathay Pacific
OneWorld Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Emerald Status on OneWorld.
One Guest.

The Lounge

Up the elevator to the next floor, and the shared entrance for the First and business class lounges for Cathay Pacific. It's actually a pretty small area but with only 6 first class seats per flight and probably fewer Marco Polo members, the usage isn't expected to be high.
Gatekeepers and personal assistance to your experience Don't take a wrong turn!  I have no idea what the business class lounge looks like

Dining Area

Now the best feature and most consistent aspect of every Cathay first class lounge I have been in, is the seated and full-service dining experience. You are led to your table, given menus, and then allowed to choose whatever you want. Such an elegant and pampered experience.
I think there are 9 tables in here, so it can be quite demanding to get a seat, but somehow they had one ready for me when I wanted to dine Interesting selection, exceptional Asian fare with work messages on my phone to the side (not rest for Rob these days) I ended up having the turkey, and some adequate wine

General Area

The regular seating area only has about 30 individual spots, allowing for 60 or so people. But again, this is super low expected usage and there were only 12 people in there total.
Kick back and look at... Planes at Heathrow Now, here we have some top shelf options!  Not always the case, and if I wasn't working, this would have been more utilized
If you're not particularly hungry, little bits of things to eat while having drinks

Shower Facilities

There are shower facilities, but I had just left my hotel and checked in for my flight, so I was not needing that service at the time. They are toward the business class side of the lounge.


Cathay lounges are consistently ranked at the top of the world's lists. I find them pretty fabulous, but there are better ones out there. This one is good, possibly great but is not to the same level the Hong Kong lounges are. It just felt a little too claustrophobic in there.

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