Fremont Street, Las Vegas 2021

The first paved street in Las Vegas, dating to 1925, it was named for the explorer John Charles Fremont. It became the heart of downtown and the location of many casinos when the train station was built in 1940, taking away the southern strip's primary influence. (Most people drove from L.A. and the southern strip was the first area they encountered as they came into Las Vegas).

In 1949, McCarron airport moved the focus of the gambling crowd back down to the strip, and the two areas have been competing ever since. Fortunes were waning in the late 90s for downtown, so the city decided to try to bring it back. In 1994, they implemented a plan to revitalize with the now world famous canopy, making it a pedestrian only "entertainment district".

The lighted canopy has evolved from light bulbs to LEDs, and not at insignificant cost, but the area has seen a massive increase in visitors and spending since it was opened. The 2nd party district of Las Vegas is well trafficked.


I drove from the north on I-15 to Casino Center Blvd, went around the street, turned east (it's a very visual treat), and parked in the Fremont Street Experience Garage.

The Experience

Very foot traffic oriented, and designed to compress crowds. Favorite spot for bar hopping, religious conversion, and street prostitution, the casinos are easily accessible and a 3 block long zipline is also quite prevalent under the ALL ENCOMPASING OVERHEAD DISPLAY!!!
Very bright, very vibrant, great resolution Supremely distracting at times.  People run into each other looking at it At times, they shut down the cross streets, turn off all the other lights, and play videos with popular music
The sky images were pretty darn realistic
The casinos are really setup for street level interaction, unlike the strip where everything is very far apart.
Home of the World Series of Poker, a standard of downtown
Awesome sign, so smooth and elegant The model for Biff's casino in Back to the Future II.  This version looks better The undisputed king of downtown, around forever
Not that Canada was a motif I had thought of for a casino, but it seems popular Low ceilings, available space maximized for gambling, another hallmark of downtown The place where you can start the zip line.  The queue to get on it was hours long
Don't forget to get rescued from your sinful life, here, in Vegas This area of East Fremont had appeal to me, very old-school looking
I figured I should have what I consider one of the most Vegas experiences you can have, and get the cheapest prime rib dinner you can find. Vegas did not disappoint me in the California Casino.
Home of the $13.99 Prime Rib Dinner, and a sign against biker gangs in the entrance Not a bad menu after waiting in a long line (they don't take reservations) to get in.  Believe it or not?  Worth it The Prime Rib Option
Salad, pretty standard, but large, good lettuce, not the sour bitter stuff The main event, 12oz of Prime Rib.  It was good.  Tender, Juicy, not bland at all And then dessert, which wasn't really my speed
I was just waiting for some Kung Fu to go down


Definitely an experience. I wasn't totally taken in by it. Yes, things were old-time, but a little too old-time, felt grade C. If you're into bar hopping and that kind of mingling and an almost guaranteed hookup (shudder), this is a place to spend some time and money.

I think this picture really summed up Fremont Street to me, kinda like something you almost like but a bad impersonation of it.

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