The Venetian and The Palazzo, 2021

Near the north of the strip (or what I consider the functional end even though it does continue a ways), is the Venetian. It's a grand themed complex that is confusing to navigate and designed to keep you on property. That's ok as you will soon see.


I drove up the strip from Flamingo Blvd, and parked in the free parking at the Venetian (the south tower of the property). Effortless. Walked in, took the elevator down to the 2nd level and into the food court area.

The Venetian

So, the two towers and two gaming floors are not really that different. I did notice a bit of a difference in the moods, the Venetian is more energetic. They have a "Belinni's Bar" because the name Harry's is trademarked. I had a Belinni as I missed it when I actually was in Venice. Now I know I don't like Belinni's.

There are food and bar options around the floor edge, and a few entrances to the Canal. It felt a little younger, a little less controlled (people being drunk people) and kind of Lets get wild! Honestly, that's not usually me and I was looking around for spots where it was less of an animated crowd.
Another way in from the outside
The Belinni Bar.  It was actually pretty busy A very peachy and not to my liking cocktail.  The taste notes are not for my palate.  But if one never tries new things...
The Dorsey was the one bar in the Venetian I found that drew me
No shows today, or for a while.  This place is one of the draws, but safety first

The Canal

So above the casinos and connecting them is a large complex of shops (2 stories of them) and a grand canal where you can get a gondola ride. Lots of very fancy shops with brands you recognize but probably rarely shop at. I was very attracted to the high end items and shops, even though the canal front felt... well they all felt the same from the outside. There was a differentiation of elegance inside, but the full effort to make it a "Brand X" (lets just say Fendi) shop didn't seem to be there, it was like a mall, not a line of boutiques in a campi or campielli

It is also home to Tao the world phenomenon Asian Restaurant (and later at night, the nightclub). Top of the line food and also, prices. The entrace has the velvet rope type stand to make you feel special or maybe to not feel special depending how hard it is to get in?
A slow ride and serenade at $75 So many shops, how many Tiffany's does Vegas need?
Near the end, about to go into The Palazzo Can't be Venice without Gellato
I was going so much non-stop, that I didn't experience this due to the wait and reservation times that were open, but I was tempted.  There are 3 around the strip area Where everyone takes a picture it seems Believe it or not, didn't help much
What a brilliant idea for the end of a night out, feet sore, and the heels become an annoyance after the party I'm not feeling this... seems a bit sex trafficy

The Palazzo

The north tower was more elegant, laid back, and spoke to me. Home of my new favorite bar in Vegas. It's at the other end of the Canal, or a different car entrance, well, yeah. It is the more fancy experience of the two.

The bars are nicer, the food options, I didn't really see. It was a calmer class of visitors.
Only car option at the entrance to the Palazzo Elegant
My favorite spot now in all of Vegas Amazing seat, very intimate and surprising small lounge for Vegas.  I loved it.  Yes, the curtains close, and yes, there have been things that happen behind them, I asked the staff
I could even be content sitting at the bar, this atmosphere Awesome drinks, to share with someone special, or maybe with someone new?  Hey it's Vegas!
This was more the 'Table Service' bar at the Palazzo.  Be seen type but very well lit up inside (photography rules made it hard to get a pic of that)

Plaza San Marco - Kinda

Outside there are more style elements and features copied from Venice that don't really make it in an indoor setting. It's not a bad way if you're walking to meander your way inside.
I don't remember the Rialto with moving walkways on it... This looks exactly like the original Have a gondola ride outside, this appeals to me more than the indoor one


This was the type of casino that I liked. While still of a layout designed to keep you inside as much as possible, I didn't mind being "trapped" here. I could spend hours in Rosina.

You might get confused after a lot of drinks, on what part of the property you are on... here is a lovely tip, Look down. The color of the carpet determines the tower you are in.

You want a higher class and more serene (well, for a casino) experience? This place is my choice, and now my first stop when I come back.
Blue, you are in the Palazzo Red, you are in the Venetian

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