Shelby American, 2021

Shelby American was started by race car driver and car manufacturer, Carrol Shelby, creator of the AC Cobra and Ford GT (that won Lemans). He continued to modify existing frames with higher performance engines and suspension until his death in 2012.

His company continues on and is still turning crappy Fords into acceptable driving machines. (My editor takes exception to this sentence).


I drove way down the Las Vegas strip to the Shelby Experience (almost on the desert edge it's so far south). Tucked away against the interstate, it doesn't look like much from the outside.

The Experience

So many cars, original AC Cobras, newer Cobras, ones in between, the iconic GT from the Ford vs. Ferrari movie. So much.
A very early AC Cobra 8 individually tuned carburetors.  As an old-time car guy, I know getting them all in sync is very difficult
Might be my favorite car design ever.  So pretty, such awesome lines This was a super cool entry near the end of the age of muscle An absolute freaking monster of power
Lots of red, a very nice shade in this corner If I were Shelby, this would have caused me regret So many beautiful powerhouses
I guess blind your competitors? Where the magic is done.  Lots of conversions going on so I imagine even in the lockdown (or maybe because of it) business is brisk
There are tons of branded gear for your shelf, shop, keychain, or wherever you want to sport the colors and logo.
Probably the only Cobra I'll be able to own
Such a cool jacket, it looks like the seats in the car and no mistaking who you are promoting


If you're a car person, this is a must see. I am a car person, and not just for European cars. I appreciate all interesting and fast vehicles.

You can spend as much on merchandise as you can a car, I think. Total shop deck out (I won't show my shop, it's just a functional and very plain space). Bring your wallet because I think it is impossible to leave without purchasing something.

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