Mob Museum, Las Vegas 2021

Situated in a 1930s post office and courthouse, the building housing the Mob Museum was sold by the feds in 2002 for $1 to start the museum. The Italian-Americans were notably against it, and the FBI in support of it.

The interests of the museum on organized crime won.


I drove on I-15 to Las Vegas Boulevard and took a right on Stewart Ave. Parking is available onsite, and costs. Parking seems to cost everywhere downtown.

The Museum

The covid precautions were extensive and lots of controls set about to keep safety foremost. After you go through all that, you are led to the elevators to go to the top of the building. Wait your turn, one party per load.

Once you get to the top, you start winding through the exhibits telling the story of "the mob" and then the responses put into place to combat their influence.
The real mob apparently started in earnest with influence and control of labor unions Originally it was the Secret Service who looked into their activities, and used gear like this to eavesdrop on their calls
Prohibition gave Organized Crime a massive revenue stream to cement their hold for decades over local police and politicians. The actual wall from the St. Valentines Day Massacre Items from that day Actual bullets retrieved from the corpses
And forensics, new at the time, was used to identify some of the murder weapons G-Man equipped gear Toys for the aspiring FBI agent in your 50s household
The enforcement arm of the Mafia.  Sadly, if you were contracted for someone very visible, you could be the next one on the list Al Capone's last firearm Where many ended their life of crime
A high level mobster who joined the army during WW2 and was very respected in his service The network of the families in the 1930s
As the mob progressed into Vegas (which is kind of the point of this museum based on where it is located), things heated up.
Items from Bugsy Segal, the man who started the Family control in Vegas.  He was dealt with violently for his inability to keep it under control A favorite place among  Made Men in Vegas And the 70s were the glory days.  While the business was legal, keeping as much from the tax man as possible was the name of the game
Where mob hearings were held, and many people were tried As police tactics evolved, so did the criminals' approaches Independent hitmen started up after Murder Inc was dissolved
Some of their methods were pretty savage Another way to meet your career of crime, sucking in cyanide gas As Vegas grew, cheating the system became a bigger thing.  Many found stealing from other criminals was a one-way ticket to the desert
Currently, any organized enterprise that involves crime is of particular focus.  Drugs, Gangs, but not Wall Street...
Then there is the shop and speakeasy. Tons of crime and law enforcement related gear, and a place to get drinks which... is always welcome in my book.
All kinds of cool items
The hidden basement passage Ahhh Drinks! Rather cramped during Covid for my tastes though


This is a cool museum once you get past the Covid screenings. Lots of really unique items and collections.

The speakeasy is also accessible from the outside, but you need the password (posted on their Instagram page weekly). After 5pm Sunday-Friday, you can get happy hour entrance pricing to the museum, saving $10 off the standard price.

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